Are you looking for the best Romanian university to fit your demands? Here are some guidelines about what you may need to know before you make up your mind.    

The Bucharest Polytechnics University


If you want to say Hi to TECH, the Bucharest Polytechnics University is the best option, covering the technical field, meaning electronics, aerospace, medical engineering and computer science. It is widely recognized as the most prestigious one.

Admission to this university is based on the selection of application files. Admission to a PhD. program is open to doctoral applicants who are required to pass an entry examination.

Foreign language courses

The Bucharest Polytechnics University offers a number of 20 B.Sc. and 25 M.Sc. programs taught in English, French or German. The candidates who speak Romanian can skip the preparatory year after having passed a Romanian language test.

Tuition fees

In compliance with the legislation, the tuition fees at the Bucharest Polytechnics University for a year of study are 270 Euro per month (nine months for every year) .

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Bucharest-Academy-of Economic- Studies

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies is the right choice to be made for the economy enthusiasts.


To become a student at this university you don’t have to pass an examination, but you need an application file. You will be enrolled only after you bring proof of paying half of the tuition fee for the first semester.                                                                                                                                                            

Foreign language courses                                                                                                                                                     

The majority of courses offered by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies are taught in Romanian, but there are also courses taught in English, German or French.

The Tuition fees are about 250 Euro per month.


University of Bucharest

University-of- Bucharest

University of Bucharest is a kaleidoscope, offering you a wide range of profiles: Humanities, Psychology, Economics, Sciences and technical fields.


After choosing your domain it is mandatory to send a request for admission to study at the University of Bucharest in order to receive an acceptance letter.

Foreign language courses

The courses are delivered in Romanian, so a preparatory year of Romanian language is compulsory. The duration of the preparatory program is one academic year for undergraduate students and six months for postgraduate students.

The Tuition fees are 270 Euro per month for sciences and technical fields and 220 Euro for the others.


The Carol Davila University of Medicine

The-Carol-Davila- University-of Medicine

The Carol Davila University of Medicine is not for the faint of heart.


To study medicine at the medical university Carol Davila a medical English test is eliminatory. In order have access to the medical English test, the student has to pay a nonrefundable tax of 320 Euro.                                                       

Foreign Language Courses                                                                                                                                                        

In order to be accepted and to attend the courses, all the international students must know English.   

The Tuition fee for the medical university Carol Davila is 5000 Euro per year for EU, EEA and Suisse Confederation students, and 3600 Euro per year for non-EU students.

Students must pay the tuition for one year before they apply for the visa.

de Alexandra Mocanu,  

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