Research in Romania needs more funding, as it coordinates three international projects – considers Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, Lucian Georgescu.

   Romanian authorities should allocate more funds to this field, even though Bucharest already gets money from the European Commission, Georgescu recently said.

   Lucian GeorgescuTaking into account to the stage of preparation, the most advanced project /…/ scheduled to start operating at full capacity in 2019 is the Extreme Light Infrastructure facility, then the Danubius project, which is now in preparatory stage and requires extensive integrated research into all surface water systems – rivers, lagoons, deltas, seas, and third, a nuclear research reactor that produces no energy, but reproduces high energy nuclear reactions.

   Secretary of State declared all of the above at the „Horia Hulubei” National Institute for Research and Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (Măgurele, Romania), while presenting the stage of the projects that Romania coordinates, including the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)  – a new Research Infrastructure (RI) of pan-European interest, a laser facility that aims to host the most intense beamline system worldwide, to be the world’s biggest and first international user facility in beamline and laser research.

Source: RRA

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